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Форма обучения

form of training

  • Full-time
  • Remote
Язык обучения

language of instruction

  • Russian
  • Kazakh

qualification 4S06120202

  • "Information Security Technician"

Information Security Technician

This specialist knows the means and methods of protecting information from unauthorized access and data loss, knows the principles of security of domain services (Microsoft Active Directory), network technologies (routing, switching, NAT, ACL at the CCNA level), Cisco ESA (Email Security Appliance, IronPort) , MS Exchange, studies cryptography (data encryption). Configures a multi-level information security system (logins and passwords, identification by phone numbers, fingerprint, retina and etc.), examines the components of the system (site, service, automated system in the company) for vulnerabilities. Designs and implements information security protection systems (DLP, SIEM, etc.).
What career opportunities will I get after finishing the program?
in economic security services, security departments, information security services, where technical means of processing, storing and transmitting confidential information are used
in state authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the customs service, tax authorities, medical institutions, banks, telecommunications and communication enterprises

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