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Graduates of the 9th and 11th grades of general education schools and colleges are accepted to the college for full-time and part-time education.

The competition for enrollment in the composition of students for those entering for training in educational programs of technical and professional, post-secondary education, providing for the training of middle-level specialists and an applied bachelor, is conducted based on the results of the total score of assessments of mandatory and specialized subjects in accordance with the document on education.


The total score of the assessments is formed:

        for those entering with basic secondary education (grade 9) - from the assessments in three subjects: a mandatory subject (Kazakh or Russian) and two subjects in the specialty profile;
         for those entering with general secondary education (grade 11) - from the assessments in four subjects: compulsory subjects (Kazakh or Russian, history of Kazakhstan) and two subjects in the specialty profile.

The terms of study at the college depend on the specialty.
The college conducts a broad program to reveal the creative abilities of students, which contributes to self-determination and self-realization of the individual.

Education at the college is carried out on a state order (grant) and on a paid basis.


Upon admission, we ask you to provide the following documents:

1. Document of education (original);

2. Application indicating the chosen specialty;

3. Medical certificate f. no. 075u, med.a card about vaccinations f. No. 063, a health passport, a picture of fluorography;

4. Photos in the size of 3x4-6 pieces;

5. Identity card or birth certificate (copy);

6. The applicant's IIN (copy).